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Experience a La Jolla Sea Caves Kayak Adventure

Explore seven mysterious caves carved out of La Jolla's dramatic coastline on an exciting kayaking tour. Paddle a sit-on-top kayak through a fascinating maritime ecosystem. Mingle with an amazing variety of wildlife, including cheeky sea lions, playful seals, leopard sharks, giant bat rays, and pelicans.
Kayak through ancient caves. Learn intriguing local legends about pirates and opium smugglers from your naturalist guide. Immerse yourself in the cave's rugged natural beauty.


Prices -

 $70 single kayak, $110 tandem kayak

Hours -

 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.


  • Single Kayak Tours
  • Tandem Kayak Tours
  • Private Tours


  • Sea Caves
  • Marine Wildlife
  • Coastal Scenery
  • Sandy Beach
  • Naturalist Guide
  • Eco-Reserve


  • How did the La Jolla caves form?

    Seventy-five million years ago, the coastline at La Jolla was a 200-foot high cliff of solid sandstone. Strong waves and high tides slowly eroded the cliff facing, creating the enigmatic sea caves we see today. Before they were resdiscovered in 1902, the caves were used by pirates and smugglers for stowing their stashes of booty, opium, and human contraband. The La Jolla Sea Caves are some of the oldest geographical features in the San Diego area.
  • Where can I find La Jolla Sea Cave kayak tours?

    La Jolla Sea Cave Kayak Tours depart from the La Jolla Shores shop, which is located three blocks from the beach at 2164 Avenida de la Playa. You'll check in for your kayaking adventure upstairs in the shop, listen to a brief introduction, and pick up your gear: life jacket, paddle and helmet. Wetsuit rentals are also available. The shop includes restrooms, clothes changing facilities, and secure storage for personal belongings. Non-peak discounts are 10% to 40% off the prices indicated below.
    • Single Kayak - 1 person under 250 lbs. $70 peak pricing
    • Single Kayak - 1 person under 375 lbs. $70 peak pricing
    • Tandem Kayak - 2 people under 450 lbs. $110 peak pricing

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