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Nestled in the largest historic residential neighborhood in D.C., an original Victorian style building is surrounded by picture perfect rowhouses and the nations most influential buildings. Explore Capitol Hill quaint streets as it is just walking distance from major D.C. attractions such as….. the National Mall, the Smithsonian and the National Museum of Natural history as well as a wide array of restaurants and classic architecture in the city.
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Washington DC Garden Wondering

Garden Wondering

Get Lost at the Botanical Gardens. Wonder around in doors at this indoor plant museum. Take a class, watch an exhibit or follow a guided tour. Entry is free and open daily.
Washington DC Witness History in the Making

Witness History in the Making

Get inside a lawmaking session at the US Capitol and watch congress in session. Tour the place where significant events in American history came alive.
Washington DC Shop Eastern Market

Shop Eastern Market

Fresh foods, art and live music await you in the heart of Capitol Hill. Farmers Market meets flea market dating back over a hundred years at this location.
Washington DC Museum Hop

Museum Hop

The National Air and Space Museum is one of the most popular of the Smithsonian's. It contains the Wright flyer, aircraft from the civil war and much more.
Finally find that book at Washington DC

Finally find that book

The second largest collection of books in the world is just steps away. This library is like no other. From rare to historic reads to concerts, exhibits tours and more.
Washington DC Sip & Dine

Sip & Dine

Dozens of quaint coffee shops, classy bars and food from around the world will satisfy just about everyone here. Dine where the senators and state officials do.
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