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Snap a Selfie with the Bean

Watch the "likes" pile up when you post a pic with this massive outdoor sculpture. Like a giant funhouse mirror, this bean-shaped sculpture reflects and distorts the skyline. You'll get great shots from every angle, especially when you walk underneath its 9-foot arch.
Find the futuristic icon in Millennium Park, Chicago's favorite urban playground and home to amazing festivals and concerts.


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  • Millennium Park Summer Film Series
  • Millennium Park Presents
  • Grant Park Music Festival


  • Sightseeing
  • Outdoor Dining
  • Skyline Photography
  • Public Art
  • Concerts /Festivals
  • Gardens


  • What is the history of the bean in chicago?

    Commissioned for the opening of Millennium Park in 2004, the Bean was finally unveiled in 2006. It was not immediately loved by the locals. But its concave chamber turned out to be the perfect setting for photos with the Chicago skyline reflected and distortd into art. Today, the Bean is one of the most Instagrammed of Chicago attractions and is a city landmark.
  • Why is it called cloud gate?

    The artist named his creation Cloud Gate because when you look at the reflective orb from above, it looks like a circular portal to the clouds. Over 80% of the sculpture's surface reflects the skies above Chicago. From the ground, its curved shape appears to bend the mirror image of the skyline into the form of a gate. Explore this Millennium Park sculpture and see for yourself.

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