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Hang at Harvard Square & Feel the Ivy League vibe

Vibrant energy pops off the centuries-old architecture of Harvard Square, a colorful college hub. Buzzing with students and late-night action, the Square is the epicenter of life on this historic campus. Explore indie boutiques, artisan restaurants, and craft cocktail bars.
Catch a midnight jazz show and kick it with bookish students who are out to change the world. The plaza is a place where you'll find street musicians and artists.


Prices -

Per attraction

Hours -

 Vary by venue


  • Chocolate Festival
  • Harvard-Go-Braugh
  • Chinese New Year Celebration
  • Mayfair
  • Oktoberfest
  • Harvard Scare


  • Eclectic Dining
  • Boutique Shopping
  • Music Shows
  • Late-Night Fun
  • Historical Architecture
  • People Watching


  • What are the best restaurants near Harvard Square?

    • Waffle flights for brunch. Pork belly sandwiches. Next-level ramen. Harvard Square is known for its eclectic food scene, and there are more than 80 restaurants and cafes around the plaza.
      • Bite into freshly ground burgers at Flat Patties for less than five bucks. Grab a window seat and a killer curry at Maharaja.
      • Try Korean wings at Bonchon Chicken and Venezuelan pocket sandwiches at Orinoco.
      • Looking for late-night nosh? Head to Alden and Harlow or relax on The Sinclair's rooftop patio.
  • What are upcoming events at Harvard Square?

    • From craft beer festivals and drum circles to regattas and jazz shows, there's always something going on at Harvard Square. In the spring, join local students at Harvard-Go-Bragh on St. Patrick's Day and the free-spirted Mayfair.
      • Find dance parties, music festivals, and outdoor movies in the summer. 
      • Oktoberfest and the Harvard Scare happen every autumn, and in winter you can chill at Sparklefest and Plaid Friday.

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