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WanderLone Tips - FOUND Hotels
Setting out for a solo adventure is a liberating way to travel and see the world. Go where you choose, stay where you want to stay. Eat at the restaurants you crave. Meet people you would have never met. Sounds like the perfect way to travel. FOUND Hotels have comprised the top tips for traveling solo to help you make the most of your wanderlust. Do some research before you go to get an idea of some popular attractions and recommendations. When you arrive at your destination, check with concierge to see if those are good choices. It is also wise to know your budget before you check-in, so you can make smart decisions.
Talk to strangers. They could be your new best friend. Shared spaces in the hotel are great for meeting up with fellow travelers. You could meet someone to join you on that hike you wanted to try, or someone to shop with, or just someone to shoot the breeze with over a cocktail. By engaging in conversation, you will create experiences unimagined, even if it is just to ask directions.
Hang out where locals hang out. No need to be a tourist when you can be a native for a short time. Locals know the best hidden gems, the best dive bars, the best eateries, the best everything. Don't you deserve the best? Mix and mingle, talk to strangers everywhere you go, and live it up. When dining, eat at the bar and chat with everyone.
Tell someone you know where you're going or plan to meet up with new friends. Keep cash in your luggage just in case of emergencies, and use Uber or other car sharing apps instead of taxis. Not only will you save on fare, but you don't have to ride alone.


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